Jesse Portnoy

Jesse Portnoy

Programmer, Builder & Packager, Automation Engineer

They call it full-stack nowadays but I prefer the former term..

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Backend development

The nuts and bolts that everyone needs and most people don't want to hear about

Build & Packaging

Struggling to build and package your code and third party deps in a dependable manner? I can make these headaches go away.

Porting & Migrations

Got some C code written 20 years ago to run on AIX? I can help you port it to a modern day Linux distribution


Programmer & Builder

My name is Jesse Portnoy

I am a multidisciplinary programmer (they call it full-stack nowadays but I prefer the former term).

I have a clear preference towards backend development and automation (but can also do front-end stuff), a solid UNIX (that includes Linux, of course) system administration experience and basic understanding of hardware (I have never designed HW but I know how to put it together and apart and what common parts do and how to test them for issues).

I have vast experience with packaging and deployment automation and am well versed in packaging RPMs and Debs, as well as other common formats (NPM, PIP, Maven, etc).

I enjoy taking people's build and deployment headaches and turning them into rainbows.

System Architecture
Build & Packaging
Porting & Migrations
Deployment Automation
API Integrations
Web & Mobile Development


A selection of projects I contributed to. Flip the cards for details.


`zaje` is a syntax highlighter that aims to cover all your shell colouring needs.

zaje can act as an ad hoc replacement for `cat` and, with a spot of one-line shell functions `tail` and other friends.


`gohighlight` is a syntax highlighter for programming languages, config formats and UNIX commands.

Gohighlight includes over a 120 different lexers; contributions are most welcome:)


`md2pdf` converts markdown files into PDFs.

It supports syntax highlighting, paging and dark and light themes.


ZAM is a clone of the old times Amiga classic game "Xenon 2: The megablast"

Originally produced by The Bitmap Brothers.

Later ported by Gianluca Insolvibile and finally - by me:)

(this website)

Powered by Jekyll and proudly running on Debian/GNU Linux


FooBillard++ is a free OpenGL-billiard game

Originally created by Florian Berger

Later remastered by Holger Schaekel and finally - by me:)


NGINX-based VOD Packager

On-the-fly repackaging of MP4 files to DASH, HDS, HLS, MSS

Guess the Booze

Guess the Booze

Looking for something fun to do on the go?

This may be the game for you:)


The Open-Smartwatch Operating System.

I contributed a Numeral watchface

Adobe Connect to MKV

This code generates MKV files out of AC recordings

Struggling to migrate your content from Adobe? This is for you!


Absolutely have to produce FFmpeg binaries with zero dynamic deps?

Give this one a go:)

Kaltura SDK Generator

Code introspection based automation for API native SDKs generation